Deathology - Deathology single

Deathology - Deathology single


7 '' square clear limited edition (30 hand numbered copies)

* '' Lathe cut '' vinyl

With leaflet and OBI

* Gift for the first 10 purchases

Made by Melogy Musicraft

* 100% Handcrafted, Unique Item (All sleeves are slightly different colors)

* Lathe cut vinyls can sound a bit muffled and with background noise compared to pressed vinyls

Please note that this is an artistic collector's item.

100% handcrafted

The only machine that touched the manufacturing process was a 1940s vinyl recorder, the Presto 8-k.

The needle of your turntable must be deposited by hand. If you have an excruciating sound it means that you are between two furrows. Repositioned your needle with delicacy.

7 '' clear square limited edition (30 copies hand numbered)

* '' Lathe cut '' vinyl

With insert and OBI

Made by Melogy Musicraft

100% handmade

UNIQUE ITEM (all the covers have light differences in their colors)

* free gift for first 10 orders

* Lathe cut vinyls sound a little muffed or with background noises compared to pressing)

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